Getting back into noodles

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Our new place has a nice big kitchen, with plenty of counter space. I am surprised by how much of a difference that makes for me. The last place, our cottage, had about a square foot of counter space. Or we had to use the table, which isn’t fun.

We live down the street from the Oaktown Spice Shop, and Susan found they have Japanese curry powder. I am working through the boxes I’ve stockpiled so I can switch up to fresher, less processed ingredients (in this case, sans the gummy stuff they use to make the curry into bricks, and of course the MSG).

Today I made an off but quick curry udon, using a brand of “quick” noodles I hadn’t before. Normally I cook udon in its own water, but this cooked in the broth, which was just curry brick, water and broccoli (my dashi powder had expired, and I am suspect of using it past that date). I am not sure if each step of my concoction made it weird, but it isn’t my best bowl. On the other hand, it is still curry udon.